Forget Photoshop: Just Weave Photos Together With a Loom


LaLa Abaddon, a legendary figure, has created many fantastic arts works. She is 29 years old now, but as a multimedia artist she has struggled for pursuit of her dream since a kid. She started making photos as a kid and take seriously until a decade ago. LaLa think that why not slice two photos to ribbons, and weave them together? This was as her inspiration from one day in the summer of 2013.

After that she has made thousands of weaving, working in her Brooklyn studio as her favorite bright colors best. Finally through many trials, then she switched to a digital Canon 5D instead so that satisfied her taste.

About her creation process, she adopted digital element involved, like to overlay the photos in Photoshop; to make screenshots of patterns she like; to lay the strips of photo cutting as one by one on a loom; repeatedly to cut a few strips more then weave them in; to slide it into a poly bag and store in a flat file drawer. Actually the weaving she has done is time consuming as often taking 10 hours to complete.

As she said “weaving photos worked with how my brain works.” She is a talent artist, integrating many elements inside as digital, weaving skill, photography.