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When laser welding, the appropriate welding waveform should be selected. Common pulse waveforms include square wave, spike wave, double peak wave, etc. However, the energy of pulsed lasers generally does not exceed, so thin-wall weldments are generally suitable.

Glass or plastic, for example, cannot be joined at all by any other process. The costs are still the biggest disadvantage of these innovative processes. It depends strongly on what and which material is to be processed with the laser welding system.

High energy density, small deformation, very narrow heat-affected zone, high depth to width ratio of the weld seam, high welding speed and easy automatic control. Laser welding has a considerable depth of melt and high power density, which can weld refractory materials, such as titanium alloys, etc. Laser welding is a non-contact welding process that does not require pressure, but requires the use of inert gas to prevent oxidation of the molten pool, which is occasionally used for filler metals.

Ensure that you have the correct beam diameterThe diameter affects the welding performance. Adjust energyIt is important to adjust the energy appropriately in order to adapt the power to the process. It is easier to integrate into a machine than other lasers both in terms of use and maintenance. This type of pulsed laser is mainly used to weld sheet metal, razor blades, gold jewelry chain links and titanium pacemakers. The wobble method produces a superior weld by greatly reducing imperfections, increasing consistency, reducing material cost and providing more tolerance for process variables. To protect the weld surface against oxidation, argon is used as a shielding gas during the process.

At this time, the laser energy should be quickly reduced, and the welding should be performed at a low power to avoid splashing. The laser radiation will cause the base metal to evaporate strongly and form an evaporation groove. The laser beam penetrates into the material through the evaporation groove, and the weld depth and welding efficiency also increase sharply. Once the input power is greater than this value, the transmission of laser energy into the material is no longer limited by heat conduction, and the welding is carried out by deep penetration welding. Such a threshold exists in different aluminum alloy laser welding processing.

Laser Welding Machine

The wire feeder design can be fed during the welding process automatically, which is suitable for industry and household use. The hand-held welding gun is more flexible and convenient, meets welding at various angles and positions. The welding seam is beautiful and firm, and the operation is simple, fast, flexible, and low in processing cost. Compared with traditional argon arc welding and TIG welding, the efficiency has a huge increase.

Visit the support center for technical documents, applications assistance, field service, customer service, sales assistance, software downloads and more. Learn more about AMADA WELD TECH and our industry-leading products in our newsroom. When it is something as valuable as your health, eyes, and let’s face it, our bottom line in business, you should buy a quality product that can be trusted to work properly, and made by people you can talk to and trust. Welding capacity expands from small parts to large heavy-duty objects, advantageous in welding workpieces of different sizes.

The HAZ is the portion between the melted metal and unaffected base metal under it that undergoes adverse metallurgical changes, growing the grain structure and softening the metal. For TIG welding, the HAZ can be as deep as 0.15 inch, while the typical range for pulsed laser welding is 0.008 to 0.012 inch. The larger HAZ for TIG welding means a greater reduction in hardness of the metal in that zone. For TIG welding, the material in the HAZ is softened by 15 to 22 HRc points, compared to 2 to 4 points using pulsed laser welding.

It perfectly solves the problem which the traditional laser welding system cannot weld aluminum materials well. In fact, not, because the bosses have not yet understood the advantages of laser welding machine. The first feeling of many entrepreneurs for laser welding machine is that a welding machine to be so expensive, the previous traditional welding machine only cost about 10,000RMB.

@UV laser marking equipment, which has the characteristics of laser equipment, can realize on-line flight marking function on the assembly line, mainly for the shallow marking of thin fragile items such as photovoltaic solar glass, etc. Line part to achieve hierarchical control, increase the time relay to achieve step-by-step power supply galvanometer board, to avoid current supply caused by current fluctuations, impact on the board. We can easily state with absolute certainty that for such high-quality at such price ranges we’re the lowest around for CNC Laser Cutting Machine, Portable Laser Welding Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Systems. We supply skilled service, prompt reply, timely delivery, excellent quality and best price to our customers. We sincerely desire to build long-term cooperation and mutually beneficial trade relations with home and abroad clients.

The joining force is established by pressing the component against a conformal clamping device or a special glass. While exhibiting a high level mechanical stability, the glass has to let the laser light through. Our engineers are able to design and build custom laser welding solutions to meet your production needs.

The purpose in developing the human-machine interface for its laser systems was the intuitive visualization and simplification of the laser welding process operation. Cailabs has introduced its CANUNDA-HP laser welding head for submillimeter ring beam shaping at powers up to 16 kW. laser was first used for this process, and welding of thin film is possible at very high speeds. Welding has been demonstrated with a range of plastic films at speeds of up to 1200 m/min.

The vapor pressure displaces the molten metal and creates a deep and narrow “keyhole”. As the laser beam moves, the molten metal flows around the keyhole and solidifies in a deep and narrow seam along its path. Conduction welding is similar to spot welding but allows the laser beam to move after the melt pool is produced.