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Gokhan and his team are incredibly gifted craftsmen and are polite, honorable, and professional. We use CNC technology and recycled water on every project. “The staff is super friendly and quick to respond, and also very patient with going over different options.

Buyers can typically choose the pattern and texture they prefer, but prefab generally does not offer this. Are you looking for commercial countertops for your business in Raleigh or Wake Forest, NC? We build kitchen countertops for homes and businesses alike. We offer a very wide range of countertop materials to ensure you will get the look you want for your business in Holly Springs or Apex!

Choosing wooden countertops is a great way to add natural beauty to your kitchen. Wood is naturally resistant to germs and bacteria, and a solid piece of wood is very resistant to cracking and breaking. With good care, a solid wood countertop can last a lifetime.

With different edge options, prefab countertops can be installed easily without extra cutting or customization. Convenience of installation made them perfect for residential and commercial projects. When selecting stone countertops, you have likely come across both prefabricated and slab options.

Standard sizes are 2CM 108’’- 112” x 26” x 2cm thickness . The 2CM countertops have a 1-1/2” laminated Or mitered square flat. Whether you utilize the new island countertop for food prep, serving, cooling, or even folding the laundry. Having a wide, spread out space available, plus all of the existing countertops allows for homeowners to receive the most benefit from their added island space. Not only do kitchen islands allow for design differences and a new place to eat, but typically they also function as additional storage space. Depending on the particular design selected, kitchen islands can provide a few new drawers for storing pots, pans, utensils, or other necessities with ease.

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All of our prefab granite countertops come equipped with premium edges already on them for no additional cost. If you’re not sure which edge you like the best, see our blog on granite edges. Prefab granite countertops start at $39.99 per square foot, which includes all installation and fabrication. Typical countertop installation costs include several hundred dollars for any sink cutouts, and an additional cost for installation. In addition, prefab options are often limited to popular varieties of stone, certain colors, and typically, only a couple types of edging. Because the edge piece is added on to the underside along the perimeter of the countertop, you’ll also have a seam running along the outside edge.

Make sure the miter is flush on top as you tighten the bolts. Once the bolts are tight and the top is flush, slide the countertop into the corner and examine the fit along each wall. Once you complete your measurements, take your drawing to your countertop supplier and discuss your plan to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.

However, these conventions don’t limit the quality of the stone. For example, a luxury home builder won’t take a chance on ordering prefab slabs that show seams or have cracked edges. When it comes to budget prefabricated counters, you cannot reasonably expect the stone to be of the best quality.

Next, sand down the back edge of the backsplash to your scribe line with a belt sander. Tip the belt sander slightly to undercut the backsplash for a tighter fit. Set the countertop back against the walls and check it for fit.

Utilizing a statement sink is a solid foundation from which to design your dream kitchen. Storage space has always been a key component and is garnering more attention as time passes. Gone are the days of keeping appliances out on the counters or having microwaves sitting atop surfaces.

So if you don’t like to see joints in your countertop, then you must use granite slabs instead of prefab granite. Using sharp knives or objects won’t affect them as they are quite hard and will indeed make your knives dull quickly. It is still recommended to use a cutting board for chopping things, but don’t worry as Prefab granite countertops are not affected by the daily wear and tear. Prefab granite countertops get affected if they are exposed to extreme temperature changes directly. If you have an outdoor granite kitchen countertop, then in winters it will have to face cold temperature and direct heat from the sun during summers, in that case it can crack. The durability of Prefab granite is same as of real granite as they are made from real granite slabs only.